Your managers know what you’re doing right now!!!

Thanks to technological advancements and the need for businesses to keep abreast of what’s going on around them, a tracking system through mobile devices has been developed to allow managers and supervisors to keep track of their business operations such as sales and service through a web browser at all times. All that’s required is a mobile device with an Android or BlackBerry operating system. The system will alert the users every five seconds or as set by the user. Some of the advantages the tracking system offers include:
  1. An ability to assign work or track the sales tame with the touch of a finger
  2. Real-time sales presentations and plans
  3. An ability to manage each individual sales person’s target and plan
  4. Daily reports by each salesperson
  5. Maximized efficiency in the management of the sales team
Thanks to this technology, managers and supervisors will be able to counsel and give advice to their team members, allowing for real-time personnel development and relationship-building!! !!
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