U-Tapao Airport : AEC, I’m Ready

airport terminal is ready for commercial

The U-Tapao – Rayong – Pattaya Airport, or U-Tapao Airport for short, located in Rayong Province, is a Thailand International airport and the main Eastern hub for air transportation that accommodates leisure flights for Pattaya tourists, predominantly.  Originally built for military operations, it was later transformed into a commercial airport as the war situation settled down.

   The U-Tapao International Airport today is equipped to become a full-scale commercial airport, with AirAsia Group operating regular flight services during year-end periods. Thai AirAsia (FD), in particular, will commence numerous flights to destinations in China this August, with the first regular-schedule flight to follow in October. Airport expansion projects are moving ahead full force with construction of the new terminal building expected to complete on time, around February 2016, which would allow the hub to accommodate up to 1,500 passengers at any given time, or as high as 3 million a year, compared to the original 800,000 max-load capacity per year. The new runway measuring 3,505 m in length, 60 m in width, with a 49 large-size aircraft apron capacity, will prove to be quite sufficient in the handling of expected increases in commercial flights throughout the 4th quarter of 2015, mainly, by AirAsia Group airlines. AirAsia Malaysia (AK) launched the first U-Tapao – Kuala Lumpur flight on July 15th, 2015, with regular flights being offered four days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday), and has received great customer feedback so far. Pattaya and Rayong’s capacity to attract leisure travelers should see a bustling tourism industry for the region as well as a warm welcoming gesture towards the upcoming AEC, as a token.

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Source  thanonline (Than Setthakij Newspaper). Photographic credits to  www.utapao.com

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