Tomorrow….We Shall Find-out !

A given for any business that wishes to stay in business – a viable Marketing Strategy. It pretty much boils down to target markets, differentiation, business model, operating processes and an effective sales force. In addition to the above, nonetheless, a Strategic Partner can work more wonders than all of the above combined – if the partner already has a good operating model and willing to share. Easier said than done, a good partner is not easy to come by. There has to be mutual agreed upon business concepts, targets and shared corporate values as well as shared responsibilities. Then, the two need to figure how to mingle in a way that the generated revenue is shared proportionately, one that doesn’t infringe upon the long and hard earned trust.

The reality project “Kyushu, Tomorrow We Will Know” by the rising pop star, Dan D2B, or Worrawech Danuwong, with Ae Alongfong, or Pongchak Pistanpon, has reflect on the importance of friendship that take place when two parties become partners in an exciting real world situation in Japan to commence the “30-day Cultural Exchange Mission and 999 CDs” journey, with only 999 Yens in the pocket to begin.

The 7-province on Kyushu trip started as a mere desire of two people that wanted to discover themselves and follow a dream. They shared the same goal for the mission, to pass on happiness to fans through a new song written especially for the occasion as they travel through different places where no one would recognize them, where they could be ordinary street singers. With only 999 Yens to live off, they are to survive on the sales of 999 CDs to local people they come across along the way. With that, they hope to earn enough for food, shelter, transportation and minimal necessities. Dan and Eh have learned a lot about life; how to live, attitudes and the beautiful and genuine culture, shaped by nature to withstand the course of time. The friendships formed along the journey from different people from different backgrounds and the different obstacles to overcome, made song writing better. An example, to earn enough money to live, they would take up gigs in grape vineyards, cleaning-scrapping Onsen hot spring duties, and sometimes, whatever work is needed in cattle barns for a roof over their head for the night, and continue to other places at sun rise.

As if crafting songs in both Japanese and Thai isn’t enough work for them, the major task was attracting people’s attention, to spend a few seconds listening and perhaps even buy a CD. After all, selling 999 CDs in 30 days is the main priority. It turned out to be a big challenge. Learned message – the earned lesson is priceless.

For two people that never knew each other to spend personal time together for 30 days in an uncharted territory, trust became the most important vibe that saw them through the entire journey, together.

“Some things are a matter of fate. I ran into Dan through an office interior designing gig. We talked, and learned that we had a lot in common. We liked the same things. Thus, friendship formed from the very beginning, and strengthened very quickly”, said Ae.

“I told “P” AE (prefix for older brother) that if the opportunity presents itself I’d like to try an open-hat gig. He had a lot of knowledge about Japanese songs, including writing. While I could direct movies, and it so happened that I ran in to a committing producer, the project unfolded very quickly”, said Dan.

It was a balanced combination that fulfilled each other’s weakness and strengths, so success was in grasps. The passage to the finish line, on the other hand, was not sprinkled with roses. Obstacles are always there.

“Although we didn’t know each other for long, many circumstances brought us together. Onsens allowed us to learn everything”, said Dan with a giggle. “If it clicks, there is no barrier or wall in between. No pretending, no conflict”, added AE.

Breaking the ice leads to communication on different level, it be brain storming or understanding each other’s points.

“No words need to be spoken, just think positive. But, some problems caused me to fall on the bed and wish I never had to get up again. And then I thought, the bed would help anything. Get up and face the music. That’s all I can do anyways.” said Dan


Every problem has a way out. We just have to be positive and have the courage to give it a fight. Targets are for bulldozers.

“If the target is set at 5, we can only achieve 5. So, aim high to achieve things we never thought possible of dreaming. It’s all about the journey. And good journeys are all about who it is shared with. A friend for better or worse, to comfort and honor, in sickness or in health, to get exhausted together, to hold each other’s hands and encourage each other along the way; for friendship, work and teamwork purposes, all the same, Dan shared his thoughts.

It may seem beyond dreams. But, we can do it, with that “Best Partner”

“This project tells us that to move forward we need someone next to our side to talk to, that is willing to walk along side us, as well. Not in a one-sided manner. We need to be prepared to help them out in all aspects of life, as well. If we want it enough, we have to give first”, Dan reiterated.

“The experience earned cannot be purchased. A good friendship never deteriorates. It will always be there”, Ae added to the closing.

Everyone has dreams; we have the courage to dream and aim high. To drive us forward, it has to start with a positive outlook towards success. In the same token, a friend is needed for the journey, one that shares the same thoughts and values, and willing to share them back with us. Friendship catalyzed from giving first to receive later, gives the physically and mentally strength required for the partner to make it, to receive the same reinforcement back, likewise. In life as in business, a good partner brings success when both parties open up and communicate freely. When the two combine their thoughts and strengths and synchronize their effort towards a goal – the finish line is always in reach.


Source : the SCGL Supply Chain Mania Day 2016 event, ไกลกว่าใจฝัน ครั้งที่ 4  Dan & Ae Exclusive Japan Experience ที่  Swissôtel Nai Lert Park Hotel วันที่ 8 กันยายน 2559


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