Sky Dragon : Cool Invention

Although, airplanes are the modern day de-facto vehicle for trans-regional personal and business travels, would you believe that there used to be another sleek alternative mode for air transportation? It was big, looked like a spaceship, and was coated with dazzling colors that could hurt your eyes if starred upon on a hot sunny day, but yet, turns pitch black come night time. Its use has been significantly reduced now days. Yes, it’s the Sky Dragon…..the very Airship Balloon we’re talking about.

    The balloon-like ship that can carry either man or merchandise was invented by an American company; Worldwide Aeros Corp. Aeros staff calls it “Sky Dragon” or “Airship”, while the term “Balloon Ship” takes preference here in Thailand.The objective of this innovation was to resurrect an aircraft category that once had huge air cargo potential. Although trips take roughly twice the amount of time in comparison to airplanes, a by-product flagship advantage is that the ship comes with helicopter-like vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities, and hence, does not require a runway or airport to operate, which is a fuel preserving quality, as well. This also enables air shipment applications to otherwise inaccessible remote locations such as islands and mountains for supply delivering purposes, quite effectively.

    At present time, airship functions are limited to military transportation operations, i.e., armament logistics, as the vessel façade carries another unique camouflaging characteristic, thanks to the aluminum finishing that reflects external images (or even an external coatings that blend with surrounding atmospheres). At times, the ship can glide about undetected by casual ground observers. The hindrance, however, to this highly promising invention from the WWII era, is the sky-high price tag and bulky image that is seeing the Airship’s applicability and popularity vanishing.

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