Set-Zero Accident for Transport of Dangerous Goods By Road, Part II

            In providing services all through the years, SCG Logistics has been determined to ensure and given top priority to work safety as transport of goods requires sharing the roads with a large number of people.  Thus, the company has defined work procedures as well as instilled safety awareness in its employees starting from foremen down to the final but crucial mechanism, i.e. drivers.  The process of instilling safety awareness involving top executives all the way to drivers who are all required to enrol in a safety driving course and participate in a course review at least once a year.  The course covers safe driving skills, checking to ensure the vehicle is in perfect working condition, driving etiquette and practical training which is supervised all through the session by a driving instructor who conducts an evaluation and gives advice on an individual basis to ensure that everyone completes the training with utmost beneficial results.

After their qualifications and adequate skills have been certified and prior to the start of their daily work, drivers are subjected to a breath alcohol test conducted by foremen, a check to establish their daily rest periods and a check on the vehicle’s working condition

            Only after the driver’s and the vehicle’s perfect working condition has been ascertained, the driver can proceed to accept the day’s assignment and review the delivery plan and route hazards before he starts out to pick up his shipment.  The plan not only recommends the route to take but also states points of potential accident risk, emergency stops and rest areas.

            SCG Logistics is equipped with a proactive accident risk management for shipment in transit which involves a corporation of GPS, CCTV and visual control to form the so-called Logistics Command Center (LCC) with 24/7 operations to monitor potential accident risk factors and send real-time notifications to the passenger compartment so that the driver can timely avoid them.  The systems can also summarize and analyze data for the purpose of enhancing individual drivers’ behavior.

       Either at the point of origin where the shipment is picked up by the driver or at the point of destination where the shipment is delivered, the company’s foremen or safety personnel conduct a surprise check at least once a month to assure customers that its drivers strictly and accurately comply with the local operating rules and regulations.

            Small group monthly meetings on the topic of Safety Talk are held to allow foremen and drivers operating in different localities to informally discuss and exchange their views.  The meetings give the former an opportunity to share with the latter interesting facts about safety driving, issues worth emphasizing and past accidents so as to create a two-way communication while promoting organizational culture with everyone playing a role in generating and ensuring workplace safety.

            The above is just a part of SCG Logistics Management’s determination and implementation to make sure that customer shipment arrives its destination safely without causing a negative impact on other parties’ lives and properties, the environment and the community.  This is because its ultimate goal is safety-based operations.

For those interested in the transport of dangerous goods, our services comprise both domestic transport by road and international marine or air transport.  Please contact 

1. Khun Phanthira for domestic transport of dangerous goods at  08-1372-6305

2. Khun Chanthavachara for international transport of dangerous goods at 02-586-5489   

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