In response to SCG “Go Regional” vision in 2020, all SCG BUs set their missions to become business leaders in ASEAN. For SCG Logistics, it is not only to prepare logistics operations to support SCG BUs but also to leap forward to capture the business growth in ASEAN from Outside SCG Customers, thus to become one of the leading Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) in the Region after AEC establishment in 2015.


Cross border

Cross border

Cross border Transportation by SCG Logistics

Scg logistics provides cross border transportation in 2 different types, serving different customer segment 

1. General Cross Border

SCG Logistics has developed a cross border transportation network by creating a base and expanding the network of transport managers in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) countries, including Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Southern China, which provides services ranging from export formalities. Transportation both Thai side and local transportation. SCG Logistics has a joint venture in foreign transportation to increase the ability to compete for customers and expand the market to support business growth in ASEAN by providing services to both customers in the SCG network and customers outside the network for products that provide services such as steel and construction materials, cement, fertilizer, paper, rolls, batteries, cars, beverages, animal feed, etc.

2. Cross Border E-Commerce

One method of online trading, is prevalently popular and tends to grow continuously. According to the changes of customer behavior, some local buyers have preference to imported over local products. Therefore, Cross Border E-Commerce would be an interesting alternative to expand business with seamless border especially in China market.

Certainly, Logistics is a key factor to encourage the success of international trading. For this kind of trading, there are 3 logistics models as follows:

1. Bonded Warehouse Model or B2B2C
2. Direct Shipment as B2C
3. Direct Shipment as Personal Use

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Industry Solution

SCG Logistics provides a stop service solution for customers, we have expertise in providing logistics services in many industries to both SCG customers and Non-SCG Customers. Logistics activities will be customized according to the needs of customers and products. Because we understand that each product is different must need different logistics processes as well.

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