Samsung unveils the “Safety Truck” to promote road safety

June 18, 2015 – Samsung, a leader in technology, came up with an innovative initiative to reduce the number of road accidents and save lives. Statistics in Argentina show that most road accidents are caused by cars overtaking on a two-lane road. This inspired Samsung to develop a cordless camera that is mounted on the front of a truck and transmits signals to the 4-monitor screen at the back of the truck to give visibility to the vehicle driving behind the truck to help increase road safety at all hours of the day or night.

The truck is only a prototype and will need to undergo safety standard checks and several other tests with the government, before it can be officially launched in the future.

It is a remarkable first step. If the technology can be used in the future, road accidents should be significantly reduced. However, road safety requires the driver’s consciousness and awareness, while technology and safety equipment are simply there to make up for what we lack as humans. Compiled by BLOG.SCGLogistics
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