Safety We Care – Anyone Can Do It!

Bangkok : Sept. 4, 2015 – SCG Logistics held the 2nd Safety We Care Event at Centara Grand at Central World. The objectives of the event, participated by Mr. Kan Trakulhoon, SCG’s President and CEO, Mr. Syamrath Suthanukul, Managing Director of SCG Logistics Management Co.Ltd., along with more than 340 representatives of logistics business operators from the government and private sectors as well as educational institutions nation-wide, were to underscore the company’s operational commitment where logistics and road safety were given top priority and also to upgrade and strengthen public knowledge of road safety, the format of which could be applied for effective use by all sectors.  Besides, the event was aimed as a means to promote a safety-oriented society among Thai people.  In recognition of the significance of safety, SCG and its business partners placed emphasis on the broad dissemination of knowledge of safety as well as were committed to creating public awareness of and, in turn, attentiveness to safety.

The event included three main activities.  The first was the exhibition on the theme of safety ranging from transportation to warehouse and Green Logistics organized by SCG and its business partners such as Isuzu Motors, 3M Company, Shell Oil Company, BSI Group and Hino Motors in conjunction with the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation.  The titles were, for instance, ‘Driver-centric Safety Management System’, ‘Delivery Plan’, ‘Smart Driver Community’, ‘ISO39001:2012 Road Traffic Safety Management’, ‘Road Safety CSR Project’ and ‘Green Logistics Management’, among others.

The second was a keynote speech by the special guest speaker, M.L. Panadda Diskul Na Ayutthaya, Minister and Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office, who did SCG a great honor of delivering a speech on the topic of “Road Safety: The Government’s Goal.”  This was followed by a speech on ‘SCG’s Safety Policy’ by Mr. Kan Trakulhoon and a speech on ‘Thailand’s Road Safety Situation’ by Dr. Thanaphong Jinawong M.D., Manager of the Technical Center for Road Safety.

The third was a special panel discussion by five panelists representing a variety of occupations who did the event a great honor of sharing their remarkable experiences and presenting valuable suggestions on the topic of “Safety: With Care and Attentiveness, You Can Do It.”  They were Mr. Syamrath Suthanukul; Dr. Tairjing Siriphanich MD, Secretary-General of the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation; Wireless; Mr. Narong Phanitchakit, Managing Director, Montri Transport Corporation PCL, Khun Jesani Jaroensri, Logistics Executive Officer, Jirajaroen Transport Co.,Ltd., with Mr. Aphirak Hanphichitwanich, one of the moderators in Doen Na Prathet Thai (Thailand Moves Forward) TV program, serving as moderator.

The event concluded with the Safety Commitment Declaration led by Mr. Kan Trakulhoon, SCG’s President and CEO; Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, SCG’s Executive Vice President; and Mr. Nithi Phattarachok, Vice President – Domestic Market of SCG Cement – Building Materials; with representatives of the logistics executives and smart drivers as witnesses.  The activity was to express the participants’ commitment to the attentiveness to safety and the safety-based practice at all times and places, a closing chapter of the successfully accomplished Safety We Care Event.

SCG Logistics Management would like to express its sincere appreciation for the participation by all honored guests and members of the press.  It is our fervent hope to see Thai society as a society of safety where every member cares for safety at all times and places and with regard to every action taken because safety is an important issue.  With care and attentiveness, anyone can do it.

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