Driving Excellence in Supply Chain @ SCG Logistics

Bangkok: August 20, 2015 – SCG logistics, a leading provider of full-scale logistics and freight services, both international and domestic, together with the Management Association of Thailand (TMA), presents an open house event “Driving Excellence in Supply Chain @SCG Logistics”, to make available logistics and warehouse knowledge to interested enthusiasts and promote a better understanding of the Company’s business and operational nature. The event is an opportunity to extend and expand prospects to potential customers and new horizons beyond that of SCG Group in to other business segments, in addition to rejoining thoughts and ideas with much beloved existing customers and patrons.

Activities throughout the day include lectures in the morning by Mr. Udorn Kongkakate, SCG logistics’ Director of Sales and Marketing, titled “Logistics Platform : Supply Chain Efficiency”, with the content focused around: the overview of logistics services and operations, the efficiency of supply chain management through streamlined strategy and Supply Chain operational performance/objectives that vary in each business and also apply Total Quality Management (TQM) concept to control and monitor daily service operation.  Additionally, the presentation go through the successful business case in the efficient Supply Chain Management by developing the backhaul management with the information technology application.

The event also presents business cases of Successful Management Supply Chain that focuses on crutial factors such as the Backhaul Management transportation model, applying information technology in various activities for optimized performance, to name a couple highlights. The afternoon session is a Central Distribution Center (CDC) site visit, in a strategic location, Wang Noi, Ayutthaya, where participants audience Inventory Management with AS-RS Automation System, Utilization of Modernized All-purposes Tools and Equipments for transporting and unloading, and last but not least, How to Perform Like a Pro.

Note : The presentation is made available for download at the Link below. Please stay tuned for our up-coming futuristic events

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