Packaging That Packs A Punch For Through-The-Roof Sales!

18 July 2019: SCG Logistics co-organized the Business Matching with SCB at the SCB Business Center, Central World, 5th floor, where the event was honored by Khun Unyarat Chariyasamarnachan, Founder Brand @Clickboxes, and Khun Dalacharat Rattanawongsad, MD from the cotton brand Karisma, to exchange experiences on packaging design that saw sales shoot to 300%.

Beyond protecting and wrapping content, packaging is the responsible agent for creating brand awareness, defining the brand’s position and values, and at the same time, acting as a key marketing channel that attracts prospects through eye catching display on nicely prearranged shelves. It also answers the universal question every brand is asking: how to get customers to pick up our products instead of the competitors’.

Undeniable for prepacked goods, packaging is the last and biggest influencer on the purchasing decision in the nick of time as customers compare options in the same category. It’s thus paramount that the retailer deploy packaging techniques for maximum success, e.g., to increase sales and brand awareness amidst ongoing tough competition. In the end, the winners are businesses that are able to create a better shopping experience for customers, i.e., the determining factor that signifies better value.

Ekarat Packaging Paper Co., Ltd., was one of the businesses that joined SCB’s Business Matching, with Khun Unyarat Chariyasamanachan, the company MD gave a lecture on the topic “Packaging techniques that beautify and make your product standout” to emphasize the importance of customizing packaging design and development that tailors to  the needs of customers. In so doing, such techniques have propelled the company’s revenue and growth to unprecedented margins simply by solving packaging problems for their customers.

In addition, Khun Unyarat, or Khun Tuck, also invited a special guest, Khun Dollacha Ratanawongsawat, MD of Lee Sun Vision Company Limited (Karisma cotton brand), to share experience on “Creating sales growth with pakaging modifications”. As Karisma has vigorously penetrated the market with modern trade and pharmaceutical venues, retail stores, as well as online channels, on the other hand, it also has an aggressive 360-degree offline marketing campaign. The key success factor of such strategy, of course, lies in packaging design that not only attracts consumers but solves the shelving phenomenon where products simply vanish in plain sight the moment put on display. As packaging for cotton products are likely to exhibit  only a few particular colors, e.g., white, green, and blue, Mr. Dollacha got with Ekarat Packaging to brainstorm a plan to adopt cute cartoons such as Doraemon and Minions to better attract attention. As the plot proved potent, Karisma sales shot through the roof by 300%.

In sum, there are 5 pirnciples for packaging design to see sales and business grow by leap and bounds.

  1. Color selection: the tint and tone must support the brand image and that of the product in order to attract customers as well as convey a memorable brand.
  2. Shape: the shape or style of the package can differentiate the brand and product from competitors on the same product shelf.
  3. Graphic design: characters, patterns or themes on the package also attract consumers’ attention and help it  stand out among the competition.

Color selection is a science of creating desire to purchase and own.

  1. Material: the selection of material to be used for  packaging, e.g., special coated paper, can help extend the product life as well as that differ from other brands.
  2. Functionality: as additional functions a simple box can be hard to determine, try packaging that pops into display. Sometimes, a simple surprise can work wonders.

All in all, don’t forget that at the heart of packaging design and development is to meet the needs of customers. By remaining within their reach as much as possible, packages can attract pick ups and touches that let them feel the products which thereby creates a more satisfying shopping experience that leads to leap and bound growth for your business.

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