P2P Platform: The New Logistics Dimension

                Ryder System Inc has entered the new sharing economy with COOP by Ryder™. COOP is ideal for prosumers that own trucks but cannot utilize the vehicles as desired to lease through this credible network.

Today there are more than 8 million trucks on the streets of the United States. According to Ryder telematics data, more than 25% of all trucks are left idled for longer than 24 hours every five days, not counting weekends. Therefore, COOP was launched to capitalize on this potential. For examples, if a 26 ft box truck can run for a 100-mile any single day, the owner will earn about $3,300 per day.

Owners can register their vehicles on the COOP digital platform to specify availability and related details while renters can search for units by filtering the time-dates, pick-up location, load distant and size on the same platform, as well.

Finances are handled automatedly, too. All users, owners and renters alike, are rest assured that COOP will handle their interest professionally. Rental fees are transferred immediately upon vehicle return and satisfactory check-up report. On the tenant’s side all COOP rents comes with a $1 million accident insurance. COOP Customer Service is also there to assist with any questions that remain via the in-app chat feature.

Soon COOP will have a platform where both owners and operatives can contact each other via telephone or email. In May 2018, COOP developed a Chat Room model that caters more than one renter, owner or service provider that are available to handle each particular haul. All can view different offers and select the best deal. COOP services can be attained through the web and mobile site. The iOS and Android app is expected to be available in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Compiled by BLOG.SCGLogistics

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