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As logistics trends evolve, so does SCG-L – to serve new standards with better care and exceed new expectations with optimized devotion


    In the Supply Chain Mania event that recently took place on November 8th, Mr. Paitoon Jiranatarat, the Managing Director of SCG Logistics (SCG-L), encapsulated key strategic moves to better serve customers and set an example of commitment to service development.

All-inclusive transportation modes connecting ASEAN to China

In the 2017 – 2018 time period, SCG -L officially commenced operations in Vietnam and Indonesia and expanded Cross Border Truck Flight services to China to connect freight operations from ASEAN with swift and convenient transport services at a competitive budget. Operational and management transparency standards are enhanced by GPS and CCTV technology, along with other applications. In addition, SCG-L is about to commence air transport to support SCG-L customers in every mode of transportation and expanded options.

Confidence with ‘Truck Flight’ from security and visibility got from IT solution

Support for End-to-End Logistics Services

In addition to SCG Express’s nationwide transport services, SCG-L has expanded services to support the expansion in e-commerce with the launch of Fulfillment by SCG Logistics as a one-stop service that picks and packs products for both domestic and export customers regardless of package size, including extra-large such as electrical appliances. In addition, special Customization services are also offered, such as writing cards, White Gloves gift sets, ship-and-install for oversize products, where Sourcing and QC services from China to Thailand will be added in the close future. SCG-L has applied its unigue strengths and networks, e.g., DC Rangsit, in order to provide one-stop services with optimized operations that meet the needs of SMEs and online customers alike to expand their business, effectively.

Fulfillment by SCG Logistics

Technology Transformation

SCG Logistics has applied the technology to develop and improve the efficiency of work processes, it be new-updated hardware and software such as chatbots, AI, AR (Augmented Reality), RPA (Robotics Process Automation), OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and etc. Social media venues are also optimized such as matching platforms between tasks and transporters, sharing platforms, trucking, and e-commerce platforms for gastronomic delights, i.e., Carelicious, and will launch a platform for automobiles, as well, for auto lovers to sell and buy cars and parts.

Automation Utilization and IT Integrating Information 

Expand Safety Training

In addition to new services and technology, SCG-L also puts a major focus on the development of human asset and operatoinal safety through the Thaksa Phiphat Skills Development School that provides all-inclusive curricula covering a wide range of courses for truckers, forklift drivers, motorcyclists as well as security officers for both internal staff and the public at large.

One example SCG Logistics 4C operation plan:

1. Confidence in service and professionalism.

2. Convenience to utilize technology to enhance service convenience.

3. Cost Competitiveness creates competitiveness for customers with reasonable budgets.

4. Care – staff serves customers because they care.

SCG Logistics is committed to continuous improvement to provide customers with the best service that delivers business success and grow into the future, together.

Lecturer: Mr. Paitoon Jiranatarat

Compiled by: BLOG.SCGLogistics

References and photos: Supply Chain Mania 2018

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