My Father is not a Rowdy Trucker but a Smart Driver

SCG Logistics' smart driver program

Given the ever growing economy today, consumers – regardless of their social class – need commodities such as foodstuffs and daily household commodities.  Logistics businesses, particularly transport businesses, are virtually one of the main economic arteries through which the items can reach those end consumers.  Transportation of goods therefore must be carried out round the clock and relies mainly on road transport.  This means that a great number of rowdy truckers, named ‘Executioners behind the Wheel’, are vigorously roaming the roads in several areas by society at large.  It seems that they are allowed to be seen only at nighttime, which partly reflects the restrictions on road traffic.  In fact, however, they seem to be tireless, working 24/7 round the clock seven days a week, to make sure consumer goods of vast demands are delivered in time.  Theirs is an honest job to earn enough income for the families to get by.  It is not surprising that they work arduously from morning till night despite the low wage they receive because not working means income loss and that the families would die of starvation.  Thus, these people should rather be called ‘Night Knights’.

  1. Smart Attitude : Along the same lines with Selfless Service and Service Mindedness, is the pride one takes in his or her profession and adhering to and mindful of rules and regulations tailored for one’s own safety as well as for fellow staff around and society at large;
  2. Smart Look and Act : As a result of taking pride in one’s profession, the gratitude of the opportunity one has received shall see him or her always in proper uniform, putting up a great nature and being skillful in tackling problems that arise with a “not on my watch” attitude; and
  3. Smart Technology : Learning how to apply technology to his work. The mentality of a constant will to learn about whatever it takes to perform well for the those that “put food on my family’s table” is also a positive result of 1. 

Bottom line, two out of three stems from both things – pride. What Pride stems from is where the topic of leadership, management aptitude, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are put to test. However, long story short, adhering to the principle of Smart Driver has roundly helped liberalize truckers from the epithet “Rowdy Truckers” as regards their driving ability in compliance with the rules and laws (by restraining from drug abuse); mindfulness of safety for self, others and society at large by refusing to compromise on negligence; positive attitude toward the profession; and the ability to earn decent income for the family to live sufficiently and sustainably.  The Smart Driver thus functions as the army commander responsible for the effective progress of the business.  As such, his comprehensive, continual development along with career planning does have a positive affect not only on himself but also the family members.

In the essay contest to win educational grants recently organized this year, offspring of these Smart Drivers had a chance to convey their feelings about their “fathers, the pillar of the family”, who pursue an honest occupation with diligence and perseverance.  The essays are a concrete part and consequence of the fruitful development.
In addition, an online channel such as Facebook page(สังคมสุภาพบุรุษนักขับ) has been provided for these Smart Drivers to share their knowledge, information and rich experience, a venture to underline the company’s stance on and commitment to the sustainable promotion and development of this particular profession.
As long as the transport system remains unchanged, Smart Drivers should be in great demand in tandem with the economic growth.  However, the profession is experiencing a severe shortage of such drivers.  One factor attributing to this lies in the requirement of skill and expertise while working irregular hours with unfixed schedule compels the driver to be away from the family for a long period of time.  
Living with restrictions in the form of ‘living costs’ when the family’s livelihood and survival are at stake makes the job seem suitable only for those who have minimal alternatives when, in fact, everybody can choose, choose to be good, take up an honest job, work hard, persevere and lead a life based on sufficiency.  Likewise, truckers have a choice of whether they will be rowdy truckers or Smart Drivers as they follow the key route of the profession against a backdrop of today’s as well as the future market.
Witness the life of a real Smart Driver, Mr. Yutthaphum Thongpuk, champion in the Smart Driver Contest Year 1, 2015 at
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Reference:    FacebookPage/สังคมสุภาพบุรุษนักขับ
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