Mercedes-Benz Future Truck: Ahead Of Its Time Logistics

Riding the same green roads with Google’s Self-Driving Car, or, The Innovative “Unmanned Vehicle”, Daimler has just unveiled an equally groundbreaking project for large cargo trucks, to be officially launched in 2025.

Daimler, one of the most successful luxury car manufacturers in the UK and the automotive world, one of the largest producers of premium commercial vehicles, and also the parent company to Mercedes-Benz, has unveiled an automatic driving system equipped intelligent truck, the “Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025” prototype. Regarded as ahead of its time logistics, the special feature, unquestionably, is the unmanned ability that can reach destinations at 80 km/h speeds. The model is equipped with four radar sensors and two camera detectors working in tandem on a cruise control system, an automatic braking system, stability control, and a notification system for lane changing. It also has Predictive Powertrain Control which is a unique cruise control application that saves money through intelligent predictions of the journey and generates an electronic horizon by combining digital 3D maps and GPS data to scan the road ahead. Investing in this intelligent vehicle has shed light in to areas of great challenge; whether it be motorway transportation with worsen traffic congestions by the day, lack of funding for basic public infrastructures, and most importantly, a shortage of drivers. Daimler believes this intelligent vehicle will have an answer to all aforementioned concerns and also reduce motorway accidental deaths with the Highway Pilot system that will enable truck drivers to focus, not on driving alone, but on enhancing the performance of other transportation related functionalities, as well.

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