Hoegh Target: The Largest Vessel in the World

a ship is sailing in the sea to import and export product by sea frieght

     The titanic story of today, unescapably, is set sailed by the shipping company Hoegh Autoliners for taking delivery of the PCTC – Pure Car and Truck Carrier vessel named Hoegh Target (IMO 9684976), which sets the world record as the largest Pure Car and Truck Carrier vessel, ever. The ship has a deck space of 71,400 square meters with a maximum load capacity of 8,500 car/truck equivalent units. Designed by New Horizon Company, Hoegh Target is the first Post Panamax model PCTC carrier of six, where the other five PCTC carriers in the same class are expected to be delivered early 2017.

     Besides Hoegh Target’s enormity, another special feature is its exceptionally high cargo doors, higher than any other fleet Hoegh Autoliners has ever set sail, with 6.5 m in height and 12 m in width. Such dimensions enable shipment and loading of larger products that was not previously feasible. It is also equipped with strengthened extra ramps that can transport an amazing cargo load of 375 tons across a 45 m long, 12 m wide, and 6.5 m tall stern ramp that can handle weights up to 22 tons, past the side ramp that is 25 m in length, 6.5 m in width, and 6.5 m in height, with ease.

     We probably won’t be seeing this ship sailing the Southeast Asia route any time soon, since Hoegh Autoliners has plans to set Hoegh Autoliners freight services on East Asia – Europe trades, only. However, no need to get upset, the least we can appreciate is the invention of such a titanic innovation.

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References: Marinethai,  Pictures: hoeghautoliners.com and bairdmaritime.com

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