Green Living starts at home with 5 easy tips

With technological advancements and rapid socio-economic expansions in today’s world, environmental damage continues on its upward trend. If it is allowed to continue, our quality of living will most likely be impacted. The “Go Green” trend is, therefore, becoming more widely known around the world. 
Green Living doesn’t have to be difficult. It can start at home with these five easy tips:
  1. Recycle materials such as glass bottles by reusing them for other purposes around the home
  2. Instead of using paper towels or napkins, start using rags instead for cleaning around the house. Not only will you be decreasing the amount of waste, you will also be saving money.
  3. Use less water by storing rain water during the raining season for usage around the home such as watering plants and washing your car.
  4. Vinegar is useful not only as a condiment, but also for cleaning such as cleaning mirrors or even bathroom floors. If the smell bothers you, try mixing in aromatic oils, and you’ll have your own homemade multi-purpose cleaning detergent that costs next to nothing!
  5. Growing certain types of plants or trees around your home not only helps keep your home cool, but it also can reduce air pollution, such as betel nut palm, aglaonema and English ivy.
Our small efforts combined will become a force strong enough to help preserve the environment and nature around us.
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