ECO CYCLE – Underground Bicycles

   Japan is well known for its innovative qualities and discipline, and its most recent masterpiece invention is a reflection of that. The ECO CYCLE is an underground bicycle parking facility developed as an urban-geographical solution to limited parking spaces for bikes in the city, since biking became the transportation mode of choice by a vast number of commuters.
    ECO CYCLE is a convenient and user friendly automated underground parking structure.Commuters simply put their bicycle in a provided lot above ground and the system takes care of the rest, from storing the bicycle to dispensing a storage ticket for the owner to reclaim the bike.
    Although recently launched, ECO CYCLE has gained impressive public attention in Japan. The number of nuisance parking and sidewalk disorder has reduced despite the surge of people taking up bicycling as the alternative mode of transportation to and from work, since parking became a less worrisome factor. Such a system was previously developed in Europe, too, but, undeservingly, was faced with hindered popularity due torelatively high parking fees and lack of PR promotion.
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