Domino’s Pizza Conspicuous Delivery Boy

Innovation is constantly evolving as evolution discovers new borders where existing rules do not yield a viable solution. As long as the people that never cease to chart new territories and map new procedures are alive and healthy, we should continue to see new things on Main St. downtown for some time to come. A good example could be no other than Google and the auto industry showing us glimpses of the futuristic work-in-progress self-driving cars, and when General Motors (GM) threw its hat in the ring with the acquisition of the San Francisco-based self-driving car software development company, Cruise Automation, to develop its own Chevrolet Volt Semi-Electric Vehicle, thus, declaring loud and clear the intention to enter the futuristic auto battle with the giants like Google and Apple and automobile manufacturers in general. The next thing we know, to many’s excitement, GM plans to launch an unmanned Cadillac within this year.

As for logistics, most are probably well familiar with innovations from the likes of Amazon and Google that utilizes drones to transit services, or Starship, Skype’s by-land intelligent robotic transportor (of which was depicted in a previous article, available for view at a few developments are worth paying attention to in the cargo transporting arena but the biggest splash in the pool that recently brought the Uhhs and Ahhs back to town can be no other than Domino’s Pizza prototype robotic unit, or DRU for Domino’s Robotic Unit, that can transit and ship goods to customers automatically. DRU is a product of Domino’s Pizza’s partnership with Marathon Robotics, an Australian-based manufacturer of armed force service robotics, and was launched in New Zealand to pilot pizza delivering to customers via the newly developed mode. In due course and with satisfactory results, the project is poised to expand operations to the rest of the globe.

The DRU prototype is an autonomous delivery vehicular and the world’s first pizza delivery robot, also. With just under three feet sitting on four wheels, it looks like a Wall-E – R2-D2 crossover. The bot can transport up to 10 hot pizza boxes, has a storage compartment for cool drinks, and is tested for carrying heavy cargos of up to 450 pounds, or 204 kilograms, over the distance of up to 20 Kilometers before the batteries deplete. The robot’s body is composed of synthetic acrylics and aluminum, can travel by pedestrian ways, and as with the rest of the self-driving vessels, the LIDAR Laser-light sensory mechanism is installed to detect obstacles and barriers 360๐ around the unit such as passing by vehicles and light poles throughout the journey to ensure that it reaches the destinations safely and intact. The recipient will be able to unlock exclusive items with specified codes, only.

Although development timelines and details are yet to be disclosed, the DRU is still a work-in-progress under robotic development stage where proponents are working hand in hand with partners in New Zealand for safety optimization and expand production, along with other practical applications. A big leap of faith, perhaps, for the pizza chain giant to throw it’s hat into such a cutting-edge auto tech world, however, thinking about it, the DRU is seemingly taking the same journey as Starship did in London before becoming the Skype’s well known it is today. We shall wait patiently to see cute little four-wheeler pizza guardians on a mission, strolling along the walkways safely and smoothly, in our neighborhoods and around the globe some day.

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