Auspicious eCommerce Awaits Auspicious Arrangement

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For over 3,000 years, the ancient Chinese wisdom of Feng Shui has been composing symphonies of laws that orchastrate auspicious physical arrangement. Though ideal spatial alignment in properly positioned and designed structures sounds all fine and dandy, how exactly could it have anything to do with something as intangible as eCommerce?!

‘Qi’ or ‘Ch’i’, the ancient ‘universal energy flow’, is vital to all living entities. 

SCG-L Fulfillment has your Feng Shui answer.


When it comes to e-commerce, the novel trader and seasoned merchant likely encounter similar inventory problems. Where inbound orders used to be managed feasibly with household stockpiles and makeshift shacks, non-stop orders today are turning living space into submerged floors of mazed walkways and pointy-edge items left scattered around. All in all, home is conducive living no more. According to Feng Shui dualism, living quarter messiness obstructs good energy that flows through to protect and promote. On the flip side of invoking insecurity, there’s also the much dreaded all-night packing to contend with as a result of discombobulated inventory, and worse off, conjured up panda pouches. Periorbital edema being the medical term for swelling around the eyes, the puffy smudged mascara bags are also infamous as an apparent negative Feng Shui. Wretched in voodoo, every delivery looms ominous dark clouds that hover over head. Black cats lurk the corners with creepy glare daggers, causing tense, spine chilling distrust of anyone crossing back shadows. Break from leg-pulling demons that emerge and make it to the recipient in one piece, only to find revulsive reviews in bolden curses awaiting in disgust of the misdelivery and unprofessionalism involved, despite all you went through. SCG-L Fulfillment to the rescue: an auspicious arrangement awaits to turn things around!

Anyone looking for a wealthy dose of auspicious arrangements, e.g., to increase sales to 2,000 orders per day, mustn’t miss SCG-L Fulfillment’s free Feng Shui consultation. Empower retail of all scopes and scales with all that is needed to succeed online. Learn the secrets to bang-on sales with SCG-L’s one-stop collect-pack-deliver Fulfillment service for all business types and sizes.

Auspicious Storage Arrangement 

As sunlight is the best natural astringent in clearing up old messes, an auspicious house is one that thoroughly harnesses the power of the sun. The more sun shining through, the merrier the fortune for those occupying the living space. To allow sufficient light in, the house must be clean with no unused-unnecessary items left scattered around to block the best astringent for cleaning up cluttered space. Fulfillment by SCG Logistics can get you 2 birds with one stone: unveil spacious tidiness around the house to brighten up your mood, and, allow free flowing Qi to promote wealth and windfalls. SCG-L Fulfillment auspicious storage power will also keep your products safe and organized with round-the-clock surveillance, security systems and high-definition CCTV cameras that inspects in-outbound units in detail while product data is collected and in-processed through WMS (warehouse management system). Manage your orders in real time from a household of auspicious rays!

Auspicious Packing Arrangement

In light of free flowing Qi, life is blissful without wilted panda pouches. When the orbits around the sockets look fresh, plump and colourful; watch out, Yùnqì‘s in town! Qi, that being so, gets a power upgrade with boosted storage power. SCG-L Fulfillment centers are equipped with in-processing technology where products are properly screened for inbound data and assigned a barcode for accurate storage and retrieval. Customers can also kick the heels up and let SCG-L handle auspicious Customized Packing Service along with protective materials and devices. Panda pouching midnight packing, no more!

Auspicious Delivery Arrangement 

Irrespective of ominous black clouds, black cats and leg-pulling demons, always fake it until delivery makes it. Appear the mountain, unshakable under any circumstances to the glare daggers coming from every direction. That said, though, will such delivery stand your business in good steads? Eventually, inefficient blocks build enough ineffective functions and the castle comes crashing when enough things don’t go according to plan.

Worry no more! Leave the trouble to SCG-L Fulfillment delivery wizards to work the magic on your behalf. Customers can choose from a variety of domestic delivery services, from the Thai postal service to SCG Group’s brainchild, SCG Express. Your products are guaranteed security, safety, zero damage during transportation and arrival the accurate destination,  quickly.

Auspicious Forecast Arrangement

Three auspicious arrangements topped off following auspicious living space, then there’s also SCG-L Fulfillment’s value-added Sales Forecast service that predicts inflation and deflation for you ahead of time! Data from your entire business sales, consumption, inventory and transportation will be analyzed, collectively, from regional and big picture standpoints for key business development, operations and strategic planning for bang-on data-driven growth.

Stay ahead of the game with a wealth of auspicious eCommerce. Give SCG-L Fulfillment a call!

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