5 services inspired by small common problems

Turner Sports: Streaming Sports Channel with Payment Options to Suit Viewers’ Styles

The shift in television viewing trend from cable to internet TV has shot up a strong trend of streaming services ranging from films, music, all the way to live broadcasting of sports.  Turner Sports, a sports cable TV channel, has thus has rode the trending tide with new live sports streaming services for viewers via both iOS and Android.  Above and beyond, packages are available irrespective of tune-in rates at the time of view with flexible time period preferences throughout the seasons, e.g., early, mid or final season packages versus standard pay-per-views that remain on the menu.  What’s more, live match scores and results of favorite sports are displayed regularly on the App.

Tarjimly: Volunteer Translators For Refugees

Given the rising number of refugees who have difficulty communicating in English in times of emergency. Given that professional interpreters and transportation are costly, the all-free volunteer translator service known as Tarjimly came into being.  The Facebook Messenger bot Tarjimly is manned by volunteers standing by to provide translation services.  To ensure confidentiality, the text is first sent to Tarjimly’s server for either text or voice message verification.  At present, 2,500 volunteers at Tarjimly are providing service in 16 languages and have so far been able to help more than 1,000 refugees.

Cera: Elderly Care Search Tool

Cera provides care for the elderly through the use of technology that matches customers in need with care providers.  The process is based on details provided by the customers, e.g. specified time and level of care, prefered language, customer’s address, among others.  In addition, Cera is equipped with the technology that can track patients and alert responsible agents about unusual or urgent events. Through the tablet application, relatives can observe daily routines updated by the care provider, control household appliances, make appointments and carry out check-ups with a doctor via video call.

Credit: Cera.com

Fin: Online Helper – Any Time Anywhere

Looking for a helping hand to manage your messy life at a reasonable price?  Fin is your answer. It provides help with booking air tickets, search for information, making appointments, sending emails and more including personal matters such as advice on appropriate gifts for various occasions.  The Fin system works through a blend of AI and human effort whereby customers can give their orders online or via an iOS application round the clock, either in a chat box, voice or video while the AI collects customer data, e.g., favorite seating location on the plane, to ensure customer satisfaction.

LinkedIn: Professional Advice Provider

Those commencing a career or switching to a new job might be in need of professional advice.  Microsoft’s LinkedIn that provides a social platform for building a professional network has come up with a new feature based on survey findings that more than 89% of people who are well versed in a variety of professions are willing to share their experience with millennials interested in respective professions.  LinkedIn’s Career Advice has, as a result, been developed to enable new professionals to locate a mentor in the profession from more than 530 million LinkedIn users who have been there, done that, got the t-shirt expertise.

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